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November 4, 2013
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Korau Application by Jayyefire Korau Application by Jayyefire

NOTE: You don't have to ask me to draw her, but please show me after <3  

:new: Updated the app for a new outfit, easier color pickings, and better hair~

Bullet; PurpleName Korau Kiershay

Bullet; PurpleAge 16

Bullet; PurpleGender Female

Bullet; PurplePokémon Carbink

Bullet; PurpleBirthday December 17 

Bullet; PurpleHeight 5'6"

Bullet; PurpleWeight 
96 lbs

Bullet; PurpleNature Quiet

Bullet; PurpleAbility Sturdy

Bullet; PurpleLevel 32

Bullet; PurpleMoveset: 
Stone Edge
Dazzling Gleam
Hiiden Power (Ice)
Smack Down
*Added after joining:
Psychic (TM)
Light Screen (TM)

Bullet; PurpleHometown Snowpoint City

Bullet; PurplePersonality Rather quiet, and tends not to notice things/seems absentminded at times. She isn't someone who hates others, though she just doesn't converse much. Due to this, her communication skills are lacking a bit. Normal conversations will be a bit awkward at first for her, but she will warm up to you eventually if you try and befriend her. (:

:new:After being at Armonia Institute for a while, she has come out of her shell and talks to others more, and can get carried away with her excitement sometimes. She still is quiet but not quite as shy as she used to be~

Bullet; PurpleHistory 

   A couple from the land of Snowpoint, a city of Sinnoh was known for their studies of stones. Their large home built into a cliff extended underground, and even had its own mines. However, they were lonely. They had friends and such, but wanted a child, despite themselves not being in the same egg group. This led to the idea of adoption, though they had trouble deciding what to adopt. That is, until they found a strange dark rock during a mining expedition that just so happened to hold a child! They named this child Korau because they wanted a creative, alliterative name for their little crystal.

    Korau was a strange child; she never seemed to cry as a baby, which stayed in her life even to her current age, where she will not talk very much. She doesn't do this to be a secluded person, but just out of habit and some shyness. After making friends she could warm up a bit, though. As she aged, however, she didn't have many friends. When she was in school she didn't talk to the other kids, and even fell asleep during lessons- thank goodness she catches on to things fast!  But yes, she fell asleep more than most others did. These, plus her quiet personality, cause other kids to stay away from her, thinking of her strangely.

    Later on, she started working in the mines, as she wanted to be useful for something and be around the earth. The workers started to know her, and she even talked with them some, and laughed a bit. One lady who worked in the mines, a Luxio, convinced her to take up drawing. Almost every other day, after work, they practiced doodling, and Korau was enjoying herself quite a bit. She often drew outfits and fashion related things. But then, one sad day passed. There was an explosion. A mine incident occurred, and the woman was hospitalized, along with seven other workers. Due to this, her parents banned her from going back into the mines for protection, and kept her at home. She hasn't seen the Luxio since.

    Her parents got busier and busier, though. They were hardly home, so they couldn't supervise her learning. Due to this, she started doing her own thing with sleeping, reading, and singing. Surprisingly, she actually sung more often after the mine incident. She wished to show the Luxio her skill if she saw her again. Then one day her parents were in Jubilife for business, and found a pretty purple pamphlet. There was a special school for their pretty little crystal. They began filling out application information immediately, and as soon as they got home they started telling her about the school. Finally, she could make some friends.

Bullet; PurpleSummary characteristic Often nods off

Bullet; PurpleHobbies Drawing, fashion, and rock collecting

Bullet; PurpleFavorite berry flavor Dry

Bullet; PurpleHouse Cordelia

Bullet; PurpleSchool Schedule
Math II
Sex Ed

Bullet; PurpleExtras/Fun Facts 
-Likes cold temperatures with flat air such as Snowpoint where she grew up.
Her eyes are plain white with a blue ring. Aka it looks like she has an iris but no pupil.
Has a tendency to polish her body gems.
She has gems on: Her head area, the corner area near her eyes, above her wrists, on the back of her calves, and on her middle/lower back there is a single one.
Her body seems fluffy, though her skin is tough underneath. 
Her rocks in ancient power are more blackish than brown.
Her Hidden Power is Ice.
She is actually pretty strong, though not very good with defenses or speed.
She almost always wears some sort of scarf or something covering her mouth or neck.
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